Peace in Family ''Parent Traps'' Seminar

While sayin mother and father to someone; our names become "his/her mother, "his /her father". That's just a role in the beginning . We may not know what is right or wrong exactly. Our guide are our wishes and preassumptions. We would like to be happy. We would like to be made happy. Our intension is good. We say taht we suffered enough, they shouldn't suffer like us. We can't have the heart to let them suffer.

Then a moment comes that we cannot understand what made him/her outraged or why we cannot make him/her happy even though we provide lots of opportunity..we can't explain it..

And we start sentences with "in our time" and finish them "kids these days".

And sometimes

for a fleeting moment

A question might appear in our minds…

“Am I doing right?”


This is not an experiment…

So it cannot be like "ok, it's not right-erase and start again…"

We cannot take back time to make our chilkdren grow up…

That's just why we need experimentalised information..

If you are one of the those parents realized earlier that life occupation won't end till your children really grow up, we will be honoured of your participation.

Experiencial Design

“Parent Traps”


Date / Hours:

09th March 2012 –Friday

Hours: 17:00 – 18:00


Üçge Konferans Salonu


Selin Alemdar

İzgören Academy Instructor

DTÖ Success Psychology Instructor