Innovative Power of Retail; UCGE

At the end of the year 2012, UCGE Store Equipment has signaled to be stamped the sector also in the coming years during the Marketing&Sales meeting with the slogan of “Innovative Power of Retail”.

UCGE sales team, came together on December 21st to 22nd in Bursa OSB plant, has assessed the year 2012. Indicating to the figures which are more than targetted, and the sales team storing the morale, the roadmap for 2013 was discussed. Esra Guven Altinkaya, UCGE Store Equipment Sales and Marketing Director and Executive Board Mamber, expressed the tough economic times of year 2012 affected our country and sector, but the continuous growing of UCGE with its experience, quality and confidence-inspiring structure as world wide brand selected by the giants of the world. Thanking to the sales team for their performance in this process, Altinkaya mentioned, in parellel with the development of the retail sector, to be given more effort to foreign market development activities and in particular targeted new markets, while continuing domestic structures.

On the second day of PAS Meeting in the UCGE Conference Hall, Social Media Consultant Ozcan Yazici held a discussion to marketing and sales team about the subject of Social Economy and Social Media Marketing.

Completing the year 2012 successfuly, UCGE Marketing and Sales team has started to the year 2013 with bigger targets.