The heart of industry beated in MAPIC

International Real Estate and Retail Exhibition MAPIC which arranged in France brought together lots of companies. Ucge professionals put their signature under successful interwievs.

MAPIC which is arranged between 14-16th November in Cannes in France brought together more than 8.000 international Retail and real estate company to create network, establish good relationships and discover recent projects and trends. Ucge professionels also visited the exhibitions and made successful interwievs. 42 retail company and 98 real estate company from Turkey had attended to MAPIC in 2012. Some examples from the companies which attended to MAPIC in 2012: Aydınlı Group, Fiba Retail Group, Cacharel, Toypa Retailing, Koton Retailing Textile, Renaissance Development, Varyap – Gap, Joint Venture, Öncüoğlu Architecture.