Panel on International Women’s Day was hosted by UCGE

UCGE has hosted the panel organized by topic “Women in Social Life” on 8th of March International Women’s Day.

With cartoon drawing and marbling work carried out prior to the panel, female guests were accomodated in a different organization. Sena Kaleli, the deputy of CHP Bursa made a short visit to the organization on that significant day. Marbling with the women, Kaleli celebrated the International Women’s Day of all women participated to the panel individually.

Prof.Dr.Serpil Aytac, Uludag University Department of Labour Ecomonics and Industrial Relations, Management and Work Psychology Instructor; Berna Kirci Asiroglu, Vice President of the Board of Directors of BUIKAD and the member of the Board of Directors of company Kircilar Leather; Neslihan Celik Alkoclar, the Chef Editor of the newspaper Pembe Pusula; Ayse Aygor, the Columnist of the newspaper Yeni Donem have been entertained as lecturers during the panel.

The speakers who have the expertise and success storise in their field shared their knowladge and experience moderated by Gourmet Chef Omur Akkor.

By showing way to the searchs for women with striking examples, Prof.Dr.Serpil Aytac highlighted the importance of education in the family and said “The men acquire some the worths at young ages with social and to be thought roles. An important role in that regard is incumbent upon women.

Being an example for all women with successful life and career, journalist Ayse Aygor said “I became a handicapped at 10 years old, but I finished the university and I got a job at newspaper Olay. Journalism is a street profession, and very difficult profession for being a woman and handicapped. I started writing horoscopes at that time in the newspaper, and now I have the interviews. Now I write at the newspaper Yeni Donem in my coloumn titeled ‘Right to Speak’ for much more better Bursa and more in quality life. Women must fight despite all obstaces and claim to their rights.

One of the successful business woman in Bursa, Berna Kirci Asiroglu said “My father as the owner of two daughters, tells us we are more effective than male issue. I started working in the store at the age of 5. We had been risen from nothing because of being an immigrants.No boys in our family. We have worked a lot to rise to prominence, instead of having ready facilities, which we will teach also to our children. They should know the value of making something of theirshelves by struggling. As having busy schedules in working life and 9 month old baby at home, it should be considered work at work and home at home, no business to carry home.

The Chef Editor of newspaper Pembe Pusula, Neslihan Celik Alkoclar said as the voice of women and stressed the importance of the need to take a more active role for women in business, “It appears to have positive discrimination in journalism, but the reality is opposite. In the press community in our country, the only Chef Editor as female is only at newspaper Yeni Asir. There are very few female branded journalist in Bursa”.

At the end of the panel, the plaques of the participants were given by Belgin Aras, the wife of Gokcin Aras, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UCGE, and the powerful women of Aras Family as well as Turkan Aras, Sukran Aras, Yurdanur Aras, and Ozden Ince, the member of executive commitee of UCGE.

With the cookbook “Seljuk Kitchen”, leaving behind about 10 thousand cookbok from 174 different countries and deserved to the award of “Gourmand Cookbook Award-2012” which is considered the Nobel Prize of cookbooks, and captured the big prize as the winner of the world organized on 23rd February in the Louve Museum in Paris, Omur Akkor has made a nice surprise to the speakers by giving the signed books.

All the participants in the panel terminated the day in a meaningful way by taking a souvenir photo all together.