Primary School Teacher Mehmet Aras was opened

TEACHER MEHMET ARAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL built by the Vice president of Üçge group companies Gökçin Aras for teh memorial of his father teacher Mehmet Aras was opened in teacher's day on 24th november accompanied by State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arınç. Teachers' Day, november 24th has added more meaning to the opening that brought together Art, politics, sports, education and the business world's the leading names.

Mehmet Aras Elementary School that welcomed its students first time in 2011-2012 school year is located at Beşevler Bursa Nilufer district. It contains 24 classrooms, 2 laboratories, computer, art and music rooms, a conference room and a gym. The school project that was settled in 3800 square meter squares was started on 1st February 2011 and costed about 2 million 500 thousand liras.

The retired teacher Mehmet Aras thanked again to his son Gökçin Aras in his opening speech for his colloboration to Turkish National Education.

The Vice president of Üçge group companies Gökçin Aras thanked all those who support them in making this project. Aras also indicated that he was honoured to contribute to the education system that will raise up our children leading the future on the path of dependency and modernity Atatürk showed to us, based on the principle 'Our children are our future'.

Completing 36 years in teh shopfitting and storage systems industry, partner of international retail giants Üçge, is rapidly procceding to become the world's leader. Its contributions to education, art and environment is increasing as well as the its contrubition to the country's economy with its awareness of social responsibility.