Üçge Employees met with Şerif İzgören

Turkey's Best Consulting Company of 2008 İzgören the Academy's selected partner, trainer, author, Ahmed Sharif İzgören met with Üçge employees and their families in 'Take a Step' the seminar.

Partner of İzgören Akademi, which is the best consulting firm of 2008 leaving a lot of foreign companies behind in Turkey, Ahmet Şerif İzgören shared his experiences in the Training Seminar for Üçge employees and Üçge family. The seminar was taken place with the participation of Aras family, employees and the Board of Directors in Fethiye Cultural Center at the seminar hall on 25 February. İzgören touched on subjects such as 'shaping the future of fighting spirit, entrepreneurship, positive character structure, the importance of communication skills and leadership'. Colored by his own experiences, İzgören also presented examples of role models and shared what is needed for the existence of individual and organizational development. İzgören often indicated the importance of sustainable knowledge, and declared that teacher father of founder Gökçin Aras, Mehmet Aras had a very important role on Üçge's success .

Human Resources Specialist Esra İLGÜN, also announced 2012 the 'Year of Design and Education' for the industry's largest supplier Üçge that has 70 thousand square meters production area with 650 employees.

İLGÜN gave information about major projects after descibing a series of event planned for the coming year.İLGÜN said, " We will gather together in many entertaining activities to be held in 2012. Addititonally we have two very important projects apart from these activities.. The first one is courses and trainings for non-working spouses to create. We will continue to work on this topic. We made a space to hear not only the voices of our employees, but also their families. We also have established a web site our employees and their families can use and deliver all the thoughts, wishes and proposals to the related unit. I believe we'll a very good year with the studies we are doing".

Ahmet Şerif İzgören posed for a souvenir photo and gave his books as a gift to all employees of the Üçge at the end of the seminar.