Gökçin Aras was a guest in Info Fest

Vice President of Üçge, Gökçin Aras was appeared on 14th Info Fest that was taken place in Bursa Merinos Atatürk Congress and Cultural Center Hüdavendigar Hall.

14th Info Festival themed 'route to success is employees happiness' was organized by İzgören Academy. Vice President of Üçge Gökçin Aras was also one of the speakers. He shared the criterias established in his firm whilke presenting his experiences. He also stressed that employees value peace and conditions in workplaces more than the salary they receive according to surveys and studies.

Attendees listened with interest his speech and his success story.

Tekin Acar Cosmetics chairman of board Tekin Acarand Spectrumbrands Turkey general manager Devrim Altanay also shared their experiences in the event. the program continued with instructions of İzgören Academy chairman of boardA. Şerif İzgören, İzgören Academy general managerUmut Sav and İzgören Academy instructor Barış Kılıçarslan. The concert of Devrim Altanay with Cem Karaca songs was the surprise of the festival.