Waste Batteries are not garbage!

Batteries are used everywhere in our lives from cell phones to watches, from toys to remote controls, from laptops to cars. In Turkey 7-8 tons of batteries are going to garbage every day.. However we can use the batteries also after the expiry dates. Do you know that in batteries there are too much metals that we can recycle.

We can Re-Cycle!
The waste batteries contains harmfull materials inside when they left to the environment. Actually Battery is recycled product. They can be used in manufacturing other items such as spoons, knives, cell phones, pencils etc.

How we can support this campaign?

You can put the batteries below into special bins which is around UCGE Factory

1- Thinner Batteries (AAA),
2- Thin batteries (AA),
3- Medium Size batteries (C),
4- Grand Batteries batteries (D),
5- Prismatic batteries (9V),
6- Round batteries,
7- Cell Phone and Laptop Batteries,
8- Chargeble hand tools batteries,