Üçge was at 22nd Quality Congress

Quality Congress, which aims to share recent approaches related to the problems and solutions of management quality, was organized by Kalder (Quality Association), on 12-13th of November, in Istanbul for the 22nd time. Üçge as a pioneer company of the quality took place at the event and hosted many important guests at their stand.

Quality Congress which is Europe’s second largest event in its category, held with “Sharing the Excellence” main theme. During the congress, national and international representatives of the companies who progressed in “perfection” shared their experiences, including the practices from a wide perspective. Üçge hosted important guests at their stand during the congress. Major of Bursa Nilüfer Municipality who holds European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) prize, in “Adding Value to Citizens” area was at the congress and met Üçge at their stand. Kalder Bursa members also visited Üçge during the congress.