Message from the Vice President

Üçge Executive Board Vice President Hayri Tuncer: “We are moving forward to the world leadership. In 2014, we will continue serving the retail industry and our growth, not only with new investments and numbers but also with distinguishing projects.”

Since 1976, we have experienced the phases of being a local, national and international company. Today, as a company which exports more than half of its production, we are working with local, national and international retailers. We have a total of 80.000 square meter production area in five different factories established in Bursa. We process an average of 40.000 tons of steel and 42.000 layers of wooden raw material. We are always next to our customers with our distributors in 40 different countries and 15 regional representations in Turkey. With our 750 employees, we are working for a better product and service quality, and moving forward to the world leadership.

In our 37th year in retail business, we have been in a tendency of growth reaching its goals, which is moving parallel with the sector. We will continue growing both domestically and globally with our new investments. We are also moving forward with our investments on boutique shops along with our machine and R&D investments. We have doubled our production capacity in the storage shelf systems operating in our fifth factory which is at MKP Organized Industrial Area this year. Our investments of machinery and technology in this factory will continue upwards in 2014. We continue our non-stop efforts to respond the needs of the sector by innovative solutions.

Üçge is a brand preferred by world leaders. We produce shopfitting equipments and shelf systems for all sales points with a range varying such as hypermarkets, construction markets, boutiques, pharmacies, retail shops and electronic markets. We are solution partner of various world leader brands. As we continue our stake holding with these companies, we have also started to serve new companies. We have also done very well in exports. You can see products with Üçge brand in shops ranging from Europe to Asia, and Russia to Middle East. We are rapidly approaching our aim to become a world leader. This year, we had our position in the lists of “Biggest 500 Companies in Anatolia” and “Biggest 250 F-Companies of Bursa”. To become the world leader, we will continue serving the retail industry and our growth with new investments and distinguishing in 2014.