Largest integrated plant in Europe

Üçge, owning the biggest integrated plant of shopfitting sector in Europe, carries on its investments continuously. Üçge Executive Committee Member and General Production Manager Ms. Özden Ince summarized the year 2013. İnce stated that “We are an innovative company not following the innovations but creating them. We have invested approximately USD 5.5 million for our R & D and innovation projects last year.

İnce indicated that Üçge owns the biggest integrated plant in Europe with its area of 80,000 square meters, and it carries on its investments continuously with the sense of continuous improvement. Ms. Ince informed about the recent investments and said: “We carry on our investments continuously as a firm that has eyes on the world leadership. We have realized the installation of the pin punch press within this year. Fiber Profile Cutting Line has also been one of our important investments. The new manufacturing lines for shelving and backing, which are our own production, also excite us as successful R&D projects. As a firm owning the biggest integrated plant of the sector in Europe, we have never stopped our investments. Our products which we equip with our design power on high technology CNC counters beautify stores. As Üçge, we will continue to be an important power both in the home market and international market with our continuous investments”.