PEBEV is shaping the retail industry

Leaving behind its twentieth year in the sector, the Retail Information House (PEBEV) is guiding the retail industry with Market, Mağaza, Lojistürk, EndüsTRim magazines and and Lojistü web news portals.

The Retail Information House (PEBEV) was established in 1994, with a vision to become the education and information center for retail, in order to contribute in the improvement of the sector. Throughout its past of 20 years, the organization carried out hundreds of training and consultancy activities in various parts of the country and organized conferences about the most current developments in the sector. With the books, magazines and sector catalogue it publishes and with its constantly updated news portal, it has become one of the most significant information platforms of retail. went live on 15th May 2005 and today, it has more than 3 thousand registered corporate members, 14 thousand e-bulletin members and 20 thousand clicks per day, as the leader of its own sector. Momentarily updated news reports are sent to bulletin subscribers in daily e-mails. Aside from this, with the interviews with the prominent institutions of retail industry, special news and researches to improve the sector, it has attained a loyal mass of readers. The content of is supported by Market and Mağaza magazines.

Mağaza (The Store) Magazin
Within the content of Mağaza magazine, interviews about shopping centers and the stores and brands at shopping centers and brands and the interviews with investors and consultancy companies, comprehensive researches, the special files containing up-to-date topics about the sector, world news and sector data and articles are being published. It reaches out to all members of the non-food retail industry, shopping center managements, shopping center management consultancies, stores, brands, PR & advertising companies, national and international food retailers, suppliers and investment companies. Mağaza is published every 2 months, reaches out to the addresses of all subscribers with Dünya Distribution company, with a circulation of 8 thousand and it has the target of reaching out to a larger number of addresses by increasing its number of printed copies within the months ahead.

Market Magazine
Market magazine, the first publication of PEBEV has been in interaction with the sector for 20 years since 1994 until this day. Market delivers the latest news to its 9 thousand readers every month and has the qualification of being a reference for retailers, suppliers and distribution companies with the contribution it has been making to commercial communication. The reader profile includes local, national and international retailers especially in food industry, the groups that provide products or services in the sector, wholesalers, dealers and distributors, catering companies, national press, consultancy companies, investment companies, the related departments of universities, PR and media acquisition companies, media monitoring agencies and shopping centers.

Lojisturk Magazine
PEBEV’s publications also include Lojistürk magazine, which has been being followed up by retail and logistics sectors for 6 years and the internet news portal, which has been being updated every week for 3 years. Lojistürk magazine and which constitute a bridge of communication between the institutions and authorities in requirement of support in logistics, transmit the developments in the world and in Turkey to their readers.

PEBEV’s youngest publication: EndüsTRim
Offering professional magazines to the retail industry, PEBEV also created a brand new magazine: EndüsTRim… After the food and non-food retailing and logistics sectors, PEBEV also took up the task of being a bridge of communication among professionals in industrial terms. A new sibling to Market, Mağaza, Lojistik magazines and and portals, EndüsTRim magazine aims at shedding light for the actors of industry.

The newest magazine of PEBEV, which has 20 years of experience, EndüsTRim meets its readers every three months. EndüsTRim, which reaches out to 8 thousand professional readers in return for signature, presents on the pages of each issue the new technologies, investments and projects. Aside from that of manufacturers, EndüsTRim also creates a force of attraction in a broad area including coolers, security, food additives, industrial equipment, labeling, packaging, packing, warehouse shelf systems, industrial cleaning, carcass line systems, occupational safety materials and cold air warehousing etc. In addition to the magazine, the web address also voices the industry with the latest and freshest news.