DRS Has Conducted The First Cockpit Meeting of 2015

Drs has conducted the first cockpit meeting of the 2015 year. They have assessed the 2014 year while determining new aims for the 2015 year.

In the meeting, Tuncer Yildiz who is the DRS general manager at Üçge demonstrates that 2015 for Üçge has been a very effective year. "We recognise our strength and know that we are going to become more active in the international market with value added products. Üçge has conducted many successful projects including the leading company in storage shelf sector in Turkey. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) have organised an award ceremony that is called the The Oscar of Economy. They have rewarded the corporations which added value to the economy. Üçge has taken its place among the most invested in AR-GE and innovation in ten companies. Üçge will continue to lead the industry with the help of the successful and innovative DRS employees.