Winning Check Out From Ucge

LUMINOUS, which is the patented product of UCGE, is being offered for sale. LUMINOUS attract the attention as the WINNING CHECK OUTS with sliding summer band which is being used in the first time of the history by UCGE.

Marketing and Sales Director of UCGE Esra Guven Altinkaya, who indicates that they, as UCGE, have always been the pioneer with the innovative products in the retail sector. She continues with, “LUMIOUS, connected with the meaning of it, means light-emitting and it is a product that designed to meet the requests and benefits to Ucge's costurmers and ultimate consumers. The most important specialty of the check out is the sliding summer band. With this application, markets can announce their own campaigns and can get advertisements from their suppliers to publish it on the checkout so they can get the cost of the checkouts in a very short time. That is why we call the LUMINOUS as the winning checkouts and the checkout that can get you the cost of it in a very short time. Gondola application is added to the front of the check out as the sale increaser detail. What separates the LUMINOUS from the classic checkouts is that it has 3 separate vertical modular parts instead of horizontal. This specialty allows us to extend the height of the check out with one part, rotate its direction and change the basin. In addition to that, it reduces the cost of renovation, installation and shipping. The check out provides you 2 options ,single and double, which you will decide depending on the square meter of the store. The led warning lamp on the front panel of the check out provides convenience for the costumers by showing the check out is open or closed. Another important feature of the check out is that it has angled body design to get the costumers wait less and make the costumers feel comfortable. The check out has the feature to serve 3 costumers at the same time. Another important topic for the stores is the check out safety. Like our other check outs, LUMINOUS designed to secure the cashier and for the convenience of the cashier, it has an ergonomic shelf and moving pos holder. Specially, soft barrier of the check out protects it from the hit of the trolleys.”

ALTINKAYA indicates that the LUMINOUS check outs are being applied in Begendik which is the one of the most important Hypermarkets in Turkey and it is good to see the positive return in such a short time . Altınkaya emphasizes that their target in the domestic and overseas market is big with LUMINOUS check outs.