Dutch Retail Designer JosDeVries Is In Turkey

Hollands strategic retail desginer JosDeVries met the sector representatives of Turkey on March 12th. From the Üçge Group, the people specially invited were Üçge Managements boards Vice President, Hayri Tuncer and Üçge DRS Deputy Chairman, Üçge Electronic Sales & Marketing Director Orhan Ataç and the general director of the Economic Publication Oğuz Toraman.

JosDeVries prepares creative designs for retailers and special concepts are prepared for each customer, they also met strong retail players yesterday. The meeting took place in Hollands Embassy in Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Hollands Embassador Robert Schuddeboom, JosDeVries retailers company general director and CEO Christine Rikkers and JosDeVries, middle and south-east Europe director Martin Gaber were among the attending guests.

Martin Gaber presented a briefing about the concept and what they have done. JosDeVries touches upon every point in stores, searching for the answer of how to use every point with efficiency. Martin Gaber describes how marketing already starts on the outside of the store : “They are planning the outside walls of the store as well as the halls in the interior ; every precise detail is thought about“.

Biçen’s managements boards president, İhsan Biçen came to an agreement with good news in working with JosDeVries. Turkey’s retail federations president, Mustafa Altunbilek stated that this innovation will be pioneering for them. In retail, speacial renewal for the customer is beneficial for retail and sales. Among the attendants, is the Özhan Market chains general director, İbrahim Özhan who also mentioned working with JosDeVries on their stores.