LC Waikiki Is On A Global Brand Way

The ready to wear brand innovator LC Waikiki which is domestic and international is moving quickly to become a global brand. In 2012 the brand renovated its store concept. For approximately 100 of their domestic stores as well as several international stores being : Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Bellarus, Romania, Polland and Morocco, Üçge was chosen.

LC Waikikis brand journey started in France in 1985. Until the year of 1997 LC Waikiki was known under the name of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Ticaret A.Ş. this name was continued as a Turkish brand. The companys philosophy is : “Everyone has the right to dress well“ their philosophy was carried out throughout 23 different countries, and 507 stores. By offering quality products with affordable prices, the customers feel the pleasures of having accessible fashion. LC Waikikis first international investment was in Romania in 2009, with their goal being to be within the top 3 most successful clothing retail stores.