Üçge Brought The “Market Of The Future” With Retailers Together

Üçge, brought the “Market of the Future” with retailers together at the “national retail's largest convention and exhibition” (Local Chains Meeting) held at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul, on April 15th to 16th. Üçge, has also introduced the technological products with many suprises that will make a journey into the future with LCM visitors in a concept of the “Future of the Market”

Shelving System will increase the efficiency and aesthetics, eco-friendly products will be preferred
Üçge Store Equipment Co. General Director Esra Guven Altınkaya said that “We demonstrated the technology in the retail sector in a concept of the “future of the market” as Üçge Group at LCM 2015. Üçge’s Luminous; the safe mat designed to fully meet the expectations of customers and the end consumers and their benefit, was exhibited. Luminous the “Cash register Base” one of Üçge’s patented products, offers opportunity to publish supplier’s ads and announce campaigns with sliding writing application on the edge. Therefore, we call Luminous a self redeeming and profit making safes.

We demonstrated the Üçge’s Saturn concept shelf system which is revealed by a scientific tunnel work that enhances the customer's product perception. Saturn Concept one of the Üçge’s patented products, is the maximum product sales focused and store space efficient product for our costumers. Saturn brings field efficiency and exhibited product range to the maximum level by its special design in the form S and oval angled shape which inspired the name of Saturn providing easy fitting around the walls of the colon and other geometric shapes. Oval forms, creating a more modern and appropriate design of “future of the store concept” with colour and wire rack options.

We have launched our new shelf system also brought together with retailers at the fair LCM 2015. The most important features of our new shelf system which we call COMBI System is that shelf surface area allows more efficient use with single rear panel system. Shelf system with 17 curves and high-capacity line with self-formed reinforcement in rollform. It has high presentation in aesthetics and highlights the product with thinner front shelf form in comparision to the standard racks. It also gives the opportunity to adjust shelves within every 25 mm. and offers a lot of advantages such as vertical-horizontal space recovery among sections and shelves.

However, also the latest technology products of the Wanzl which was distributed by Üçge in Turkey were exhibited. We displayed Wanzl’s the world's most silent and 100 percent sugar cane, 100 percent recyclable grocery carts and also Wanzl’s high-tech self-service bakery department.

Mrs. Altınkaya also mentioned that the concept of environmental friendly products will be preferred in the future Market; “ Üçge’s research and development department, continues to work within the scope of projects that minimizes the costs and environmentally friendly. He also said that the technology brought many innovations and eased along for the retail sector. And explained that Brands need to adapt to these changes immediately to differentiate their brands in the industry.

“Market of the future” will talk with the customers.
Üçge Electronics companies within the Üçge Group, also took place with the products that will attract a lot of attention on software applications and electronic systems on future retail technologies.

Providing information on the future of retail technology Üçge Electronics Co. Marketing and Sales Director Orhan Ataç said; “we brought the “market of the future” with retailers together, considering we are in Mobile Age also presented self shopping and payment applications made to the Consumer, safe- innovative e-commerce applications and derivatives, this next-generation POS automation systems and integrated systems working with a new generation of barcode systems, 360 degrees barcode reading capability of barcode readers, smart labels indicating whether fresh products, camera intelligent self-service scales to recognize products that provide rapid sales opportunities, slicers which simultaneously scales and slices in Deli Section, intelligent digital price tags, mobile applications that assisting, directing and constantly communicating with the customers in store shopping, making shopping fun and informative with virtual reality and digital ads.

“Our goals is to provide faster and more efficient people-oriented experience and more shopping fun for the consumers and the lead actors of the retail world.” Mr. Ataç, said. He also stated “There are many technologies that were being used in stores in Turkey. These products are what we will be using in the next few years that we will get used to and even be addicted to” .