ÜÇGEzgin Is At Kaz Mountain

ÜÇGEzgin which is the outdoor sports group of Üçge was on the way again: This time they were at Kaz Mountains which is the legend world with its white spruce forests rising into the sky like a pen and oxygen-rich of Aegean region and has 800 plant variety belonging to 101 family and also attracts attention with 29 plant type belonging to only this area.

History, "MOUNTAIN GODS and Loves" as the Ida Mountains, has a full adventure of a life of 4,000 years. The Trojans, Lydians, Hittites, Romans, Seljuks and Ottomans have been abroad. All civilizations in the region from which the remaining traces. THE WORLD'S FIRST BEAUTY CONTEST HELD HERE. Paris, the hands holding out the golden apple to Aphrodite, HAS ANNOUNCED THE WORLD'S FIRST BEAUTY QUEEN.

Has 47 kinds of full-ENDEMIC PLANT TYPE. (In other words, species not found elsewhere in the world). For example, one of the Ida Mountain fir tree the most important endemic plants. War of Troy wooden horse used in 1200 BC, was Ida fir. In 1460, Sultan Mehmet conquered Mytilene island navy constructed Ida Mountain fir. Rich sources of water, with waterfalls and fountains, called IDA thousand springs in mythology and history. At the same time the existence of a rich fauna (animal species) hosts. Ida Mountain while hiking, a beautiful deer in front of you may at any time. Chipmunks play around ...